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I'm Natasha Woods, Director and Designer at Soda Lab. I'm all about utilising creative thought to reach innovative concepts and solutions. It is this creative mindset that I bring to my branding work in order to create unique brands that will reflect your core company values.

I LOVE working with Start-Ups and SMBs to offer design-driven solutions and ideation to solve problems and enhance branding goals. Below are my top five guiding principals that I employ when working with clients...


Guiding Principal #1

Evolve creatively. A brand needs to evolve over time to ensure it stays current in the minds of its audience. When a change in direction is required, I can help you evolve creatively and with sensitivity. Help you take the time to strategise and ensure your new branding aligns with your organisation's values. If you are facing these challenges let's chat! 

Guiding Principal #2

Spread joy through visual nourishment. I want you to feel SO proud of your brand-new-brand that you simply can't stop looking at it! Together we can create a visual representation of your awesome company and all that it stands for. If you need some help to bring your new brand to life get in touch.


Guiding Principal #3

Energise with optimism. Energy and optimism are contagious and I like to bring a good dose of both of them to the branding process! Creating your new brand should be an epic journey, enabling you to see a pathway into the future, bringing your ideas to life, generating insight, motivating and inspiring. If you are needing to bring some energy to your brand we should talk!

Guiding Principal #4

Facilitate uniqueness. In order to create a unique brand we need to take a look at your business through the magnifying glass. My process always starts with an interview where we talk through things like your values, goals, examine any research or insights you might have, or talk about your perfect customer. Then, armed with all of this information I can begin to create a unique pathway for your brand. If this sounds like a good place to start let's talk.


Guiding Principal #5

Always be authentic. Make a splash all of your own! Create a brand that's genuine and true to the unique values and goals of your business. Differentiate yourself from your competition and establish your brand as an industry leader. If you are looking for something genuine get in touch.

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